(Crown slits)

Crown plugs

Specialist in capsules, crown caps and glass packaging, we offer top quality products that meet European standards. Similarly, we offer European-quality capsules (crown caps) in inks and varnishes, free of heavy metals made of recyclable steel.  However, our objective is to satisfy customers and protect the environment and territory, so the production of our products is mainly based on certain rules of good hygiene and standardization. In other words, LGI-MONDE exclusively distributes crown caps of European standards in the West African sub-region. Therefore, we offer FREE PVC Crown Capsules available with an oxygen absorber seal or barrier limiting permeability (for example, FREE PVC only) with the possibility of decoration inside and out. Here, for example, is the overview and features of our various products.
There are a set of capsules of different types in several colors, as well as crown caps of bottles of all kinds.

Pry-off Standard Crown Capsules

Joint PVC F REE and No printing inside the capsule o r crowns Profile P916.

Pry-off crown capsules with transfer printing (PEEL-OFF)

Removable PVCdec oration internal seal transferable to jo int and a single possible color for interior decoration

Pry-off crown capsules (PEEL-OFF)

PVC FREE or PVC removable seal and non-transferable interior decoration to the seal, in addition to one or more colors are available for interior decoration

Pry-off crown capsule with an internal inkjet decoration

TRANSPARENT PVC FREE Seal For printing codes inside the capsule, but only black color is available

Pry-off crown capsule with a transparent seal

Transparent PVC FREE Decoration seal inside the capsul e and one or more colors are available

In conclusion, the crown caps marketed by LGI MONDE are certified:

  • We have for example ISO 9000 since 1994 ISO 14001 since 2002

  • as well as EU compliance and FDA regulations for food contact

  • and compliance with EU < emballage=”” et=”” déchets=”” d’emballage=””> </>Directive 94/62/EC – Hygiene ensured using the HACCP method