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Leader in the marketing of glass packaging and crown caps, and present in more than twenty-one countries in Africa, we are happy to welcome you to our virtual space and welcome you.

We have no doubt that, from what you discover, a likely commercial collaboration with multiple benefits will arise.

This space is designed to guide and guide you efficiently in the world of LAWAL WORLD INDUSTRY GROUP (LGI-WORLD). Our competent services are at your disposal. They will make it their duty to respond to your various concerns in order to meet your expectations.

We will also strive to seduce you, satisfy you, and retain you through the quality of our products and our judicious pricing policy.

From this depends on the happy outcome of the revolution that we intend to initiate in the agri-food field. With this ambition, LGI MONDE has established itself in Brussels, Belgium to conquer the European market.

 With LGI-MONDE, let’s revolutionize the agri-food industry….


Youssouf Amada LAWAL

Chairman and CEO


Saint Michel, Square 554 (street behind St Augustine’s School, AKPO Building)


‘229 21 32
25 24 ‘229 97 75 45 55 ‘229 67 63 04 57 (Whatsapp)