Major Axes

  • Press conference announcing the event
  • LGI-MONDE salespeople visit businesses and ministries from Monday to Friday to promote juices and invite the public to the three days of entertainment on the martyrs’ square esplanade
  • Passage on the show the “fan club” to raise awareness of the consumption of 100% natural fruit juices
  • Three evenings of entertainment with one orchestra per evening from 6 p.m. to dawn


This event is addressed to all strata of society. Depending on the programme of organized activities, children, adolescents, youth and adults are all involved.


  • Buy and consume as much organic fruit juice as possible from Benin
  • Have as many participants as possible at the three evenings of entertainment
  • Make these three evenings a 100% natural fruit juice tasting space
  • Give children and teens good eating habits by encouraging them to consume 100% natural fruit juices that are good for their health and growth
  • Changing the eating habits of Beninin in the long term
  • To increase a massive consumption of organic fruit juices produced in Benin and the sub-region
  • Make this crucible a canvas to promote 100% natural fruit juices produced in Benin and the West African sub-region
  • Putting the organic fruit juice production sector at the heart of the debate

Philosophy, Background, Vision

“The festive week of organic juices”. Is a promotional action project that aims to promote organic fruit juices produced in Benin and correct the eating habits of Benini by encouraging them to consume more 100% natural products in Benin

It is part of a context where the eating habits of Benin are directed towards drinks of all kinds rather than organic products. The idea is to allow the Beninese to reconnect with good eating habits by favouring the right fruit juices. The festive week of organic juices proposes to offer the opportunity to all Benini to discover and taste the 100% natural juices produced in Benin in order to show them the richness and diversity of the Benin beverage sector.

This project aims to be an annual event until the consumption of organic fruit juices produced in Benin is part of the eating habits of Benin.


Animated evenings

Three evenings of entertainment will be organized; three orchestras of tradi-modern variety with a wide repertoire will brighten up and amuse the consumers present.

These evenings will be orchestral concerts and Benin artists making traditional-modern music. Consumers will be able to taste their juices on site in a festive and pleasant setting at promotional prices. During these evenings, many prizes and gadgets will also be offered to participants.